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The skilled team as V.U.Nics has the expertise to accommodate all sorts of circuit board repair and rework requests for all types of PCB assemblies.



  • BGA removal and installation. Remove and install all types and packages of BGA components, both leaded and lead-free.

  • BGA pad and soldering mask repair. Repair and re-mask lifted pads and soldering mask in BGA footprint area.

  • BGA site modification. Ideal for designer research and also change on prototypes.

BGA Rework

  • Component replacement. Remove and install all types of SMT and T-H component such as resistors, capacitors, inductor, transistors, ICs, etc.

  • PCB modifications. Cutting traces and/ or wiring on printed circuit board.

  • Component special installation. Install new component on unmatched footprint.

ECO, Upgrade & Modification Service

PCB Repair

  • Repair lifted conductor. Repair lifted traces and pads on printed circuit board.

  • PCB re-masking. Apply a new layer of solder mask in the damaged area.

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